Orion Magazine's Old Growth reviewed in Brain Pickings

Sep 11, 2021

Maria Popova Loved "The Things Trees Know", a Sprout Lands excerpt

Thanks to Maria Popova for her intelligent appreciation of tree jazz. The whole Orion book, Old Growth, is wonderful. In that great company of tree geeks, I am delighted that she focused on a piece from Sprout Lands. She did name me Bryant, which is my middle name and my mother’s maiden name. That is ok with me. My mother and her father — both Bryants — are two of the three people to whom the book is dedicated. This is what comes of insisting on being a 3‑name guy. Here is a link to the piece: https://​www​.brain​pick​ings​.org/​2021​/​09​/​03​/​o​l​d​-​g​r​o​w​t​h​-​o​r​i​o​n​/​?​m​c​_​c​i​d​=​d​060538079&​m​c​_​e​i​d​=​3​f​f​022989b